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About me

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 Hello! my name is Ray. 

I am a Chinese-Japanese illustrator and general 2D artist in both animation and games.

I am currently drawing minions everyday as a Marketing Character Artist at Illumination Entertainment. Before that, I was an freelance illustrator for various clients with various 2D art needs. To list a few, I did storyboarding and illustrations for a tech company, product design, illustration, character design, etc. I aspire to be a 2D handyman in the animation and game industry, where I can draw both cute and cool characters and props for different project IPs. 

I am currently located in Los Angeles with my husband with an imaginary cat that we are hoping to become real in the near future. My most recent obsession has been playing Pikumin 4 and forcing my husband to catch up with One Piece.

*P.S. the chickens are my alter-ego.


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For Publishing and Illustration inquiries please contact Lemonade Illustration Agency :

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