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About me

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 Hello! my name is Ray. 

I am a Chinese-Japanese illustrator and general 2D artist in both animation and games.

I am currently a freelance illustrator for various clients with various 2D art needs. To list a few, I did storyboarding and illustrations for a tech company, product design and illustration for an apparel company and a stationary company, character design for  animation and set & lighting design for a game trailer. I aspire to be a 2D handyman in animation and game industry, where I can draw both cute and cool characters and props for different project IPs. 

I am currently located in Washington State, walking around my in-laws' house for their cat's attention during my free time. I love games but I prefer watching people play them because I panic too much in games and I'd rather not sweat on my keyboard and consoles. 

Oh and just in case you didn't realize from my website, I like drawing chickens.


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For Publishing and Illustration inquiries please contact Lemonade Illustration Agency :

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